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Medication Addiction Recovery

Common Myths About Addiction

November 11, 2019

A variety of stigmas and myths surrounds addiction. It is essential to discuss these myths, to help bring these outdated perceptions to a modern, more accurate understanding of dependence and addiction recovery. South Hills Recovery Project has put together a list of some of the most common stigmas and myths surrounding addiction.

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Addiction Recovery

Benefits of Cash-Only Suboxone Clinics

October 8, 2019

Cash only clinics have gotten a bad reputation in the news lately. It is true that some cash-only Suboxone clinics charge outrageous fees from $250-$400 a month. Unfortunately, the high cost does mean better care. Patients who have been to these clinics tell me the doctor visit lasted a few minutes. They left feeling cheated […]

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Duel Diagnosis Treatment Pittsburgh

How Do Other Mental Health Disorders Affect Addiction Recovery?

October 8, 2019

For many people, mental health and substance abuse issues go hand in hand, making it difficult to separate one condition from another. In many cases, these conditions can exacerbate each other. Those who have a mental condition and substance use issues have a dual diagnosis, also known as a co-occurring disorder.

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The First Steps

August 20, 2019

Introduction. Welcome to the South Hills Recovery Project Core Addiction Skills For Recovery Workbook. This workbook leads you through the steps necessary to recover the life you deserve. The exercises in this workbook are designed to assist in the “rewiring” of your brain. During the time you were addicted, the drug gradually changed how you […]

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